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Frequently Asked Questions


When/how will I receive my zoom link?

After you sign up you should receive a confirmation email with the zoom link. The zoom link will be the same each week so please keep your confirmation email safe or save the zoom link in your calendar. 


Why do I need to fill out a form?

Every new student has to fill out a New Student Form as an insurance requirement. Find the form here.


What equipment do I need?

Please make sure you have a mat, two blocks and a strap for all classes. You might like to have additional props that you can find around the home such as cushions, towels and chairs.


For restorative classes bolster, pillows, blankets, eye masks, socks, candles, diffuser etc. can be used. Take the time to gather your accessories so that you can really enjoy the restorative section.

If you do not have a bolster, I have made a video of how to make one here.


What is the best way to set up for zoom?

Try to have your camera on your laptop/device set up so that I can see you on the mat both standing and seated so I can assist you with verbal cues.


If I have an injury can I still take part?

Of course! Just email me to let me know the details of the injury so I can modify positions and poses to work with your injury.


What is the class format?

Generally, 10-15 minutes of breath work and warm up, followed by around 30 minutes of asanas (yoga poses), finishing with 10-15 minutes of restorative poses and breath work.

Please click here to read more about how to stimulate the vagus nerve.

Please click here to read more about the Anusara Invocation.

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